Updated “Documents” Link

Instead of my usual weekly post, I’ve been working hard to create two new documents, which can be found by clicking on the “Documents” link. These are Descendants of Thomas Casbon (1803-1888) and Descendants of James Casbon in America.

The documents were produced by my genealogy software (Family Tree Maker®), but took quite a bit of “tweaking” on my part to edit and update information. I plan to update them periodically as needed.

These reports cover the two main branches of the family that came to the United States from England. I started with these two because of the upcoming Casbon family reunion in Indiana on August 5th. Eventually, I intend to add additional reports covering all of the major branches of the family.

Amos and Carrie Casbon farmhouse
Amos and Carrie (Aylesworth) Casbon’s farmouse and children, about 1911, Porter Township, Porter County, Indiana. Photo courtesy of Ron Casbon. (Click on image to enlarge)

You will notice that information about living people is limited to their surnames. Their given names have been replaced with “Living.” I have done this to protect their privacy, while still allowing others to see how they are connected to the family. Although I’ve worked hard to keep information private, it’s possible that I’ve mistakes or used incorrect information. If you discover something that should be kept private, please contact me through the “Contact” link so I can make corrections.

Likewise, I may have indicated people as “Living” who are deceased. This happens when I don’t have birth or death information. Please contact me if you have updated information.

Lawrence Kate 3 boys and horse abt 1898
Lawrence and Kate (Marquardt) Casbon’s farmhouse and children, about 1900. Boone Township, Porter County, Indiana. Photo courtesy of Don Casbon. (Click on image to enlarge)

The information comes from a variety of sources. I have not personally verified every source, and there may well be errors. You are welcome to download and use the information, but please be aware of its limitations. Feel free to contact me with updated information or to ask questions about my sources. Photos are always welcome!

In the meantime, enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Updated “Documents” Link

  1. I assume this was the first house on the farm in Porter Twp. If so it was destroyed in a tornado in 1917. It was replaced closer to ‘the road’ (now Hwy. 8) with the home still standing (now fully restored) there. Lawrence’s family moved to Morgan Twp home which may have been triggered by this event. Of course, Kate was a ‘city girl’ and I look at this picture and woner how she felt about it…..


    1. I also assume this was their first house, which I believe was in Boone twp (I originally labeled as Porter twp but corrected the post to say Boone after reviewing the 1900 census). They moved well before the 1917 tornado, as they were already in Morgan twp when the 1910 census was taken. I wonder who rebuilt the home after the tornado? Interesting comment about Kate being a city girl. At least she would have been closer to home when they moved to Morgan twp.


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