From England to Indiana, Part 6

This the sixth post describing the handwritten family history of Isaac Casbon and his son Thomas. Thomas is my third great grandfather. This section looks at Emma Scruby’s (Thomas’ wife) immediate family.

Emma Scruby ancestors
Click on image to enlarge)

Record of Emma Scruby her father was Sylvester Scruby his father’s name was Joseph Scruby
Syveste Scruby scruby married Elizabeth Robison There was born to them 4 girls and three boys. one girl died in childhood

This whole section has been valuable to me, because it fills in many of the blanks in Emma’s family history. Scruby is a common surname in church records in the towns and villages around Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, England. I didn’t know which Scrubys were Emma’s parents until this manuscript gave me their names. Once I had that I was able to find records for her parents and most of her siblings.

From the statement “her father was Sylvester Scruby his father’s name was Joseph Scruby” I was able to locate this baptismal record in Meldreth for the year 1767: “Sell Son of Joseph and Jane Scrooby (baptized) Oct’r. 8.” [1]

Sell Scruby baptism Meldreth 1767
Baptismal record of Sell (Sylvester) Scruby from 1767 (Click on image to enlarge)

Sell is a common nickname for Sylvester (Sylvester Casbon was also baptized as Sell). Given the date, the location and the names, this is most likely the correct record for Emma’s father.

Emma was baptized in 1819, when she was 8 years old.  Her birthdate was recorded as April 6th, 1811, to parents Sell and Elizabeth. [2]

Emma Scruby birth_1811 baptism_1819 Meldreth
Baptismal record of Emma Scruby – “born April 6. 1811… Bapt.d Oct.r 10th 1819” (Click on image to enlarge)

I found a marriage record for Sell Scruby and Elizabeth Robinson for December 24th, 1795, in Henlow, Bedfordshire, which is about 12 miles east of Meldreth. [3] I wasn’t sure these were Emma’s parents until I started finding other records linking Scrubys to both Henlow and Meldreth.

Mary, daughter of Sell and Elizabeth Scruby, was baptized in Henlow in May, 1796. [4] Joseph, son of Sell Scruby, was baptized March 1798 in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. [5] Arlesey is 1 mile away from Henlow. He must be the same person listed in an 1851 Census entry for Joseph Scruby, age 53, born in Arlesey and living in Meldreth. [6] Sarah Payne, Emma’s sister (who will be mentioned in a future post) also appears in the 1851 census, living in Melbourn (adjacent to Meldreth), and born in Henlow, Bedfordshire. [7] These records account for three of the four daughters and one of three sons mentioned in the family history. We know from the manuscript and other sources that Emma also had a brother named James, but I haven’t been able to find his baptismal record. There is a burial record for Ann Scruby 1819 in Meldreth, age 11. [8] She might be the daughter who died in childhood, but since the burial record does not list the parents’ names, it is impossible to say for sure.

Finally, there is a census record in 1841 for Sell and Elizabeth Scruby, aged 70-74 and aged 65-69, respectively, living in Meldreth. [9] Sell’s age is consistent with a birth year of 1767.

These records are not complete, but are consistent with the information contained in the manuscript. Based on the records and the manuscript I’ve constructed this chart of Emma’s lineage.

Joseph Scruby descendants
(Click on image to enlarge)

With this family history and the related records I’ve been able to push Emma’s family back another two generations. This means her grandfather, Joseph Scruby, is my 5th great grandfather (and the nth great grandfather of all living Casbons descended from Thomas)!

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